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SeloNOX Dietary Supplement

SeloNOX Dietary Supplement

Seasons of Beauty

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Keys to Optimum Health: Circulation and Irritation*

SeloNOX signals our blood vessels to relax, which dramatically improves circulation to our skin and stimulates elevated levels of nitric oxide.*

Plant stem cells from Luminous Dew Rejuvenating Crème work to boost collagen production while SeloNOX deeply nourishes and revives dull looking skin.* Together, they work to regenerate the epidermis at a faster rate than they would naturally reconstruct on their own.*

We already know our skin changes as we age. A primary cause of skin aging is reduced circulation caused by a drop in Nitric Oxide. By the time we reach 40, we only produce about half or less of the Nitric Oxide (NOX) we did at age 20. And it continues to decline as we age. Women at age 50 produce about 35% of their peak NOX levels of youth.

That’s one important cause of premature aging of your skin…

Another significant cause of damaged skin is irritation. When our skin is exposed to pollution, second-hand smoke, poor diet, lack of sleep or stress it responds with irritation. A key irritation marker in your skin and blood is TNF-alpha. SeloNOX reduces excess TNF-alpha by breaking the chain of free-radicals.* This action reduces irritation and preserves healthy skin.*

SeloNOX improves circulation in support of irritated skin.*

What is the role of SeloNOX in the skin?
  • Improves microcirculation*
  • Balances skin pigmentation*
  • Improves barrier function to protect your skin*
  • Promotes healing*

Available, Active & Efficient!*

From radiation to pollution, your skin is your first line of defense against a hostile world. SeloNOX nourishes your skin by increasing circulation and delivering powerful antioxidants where they are needed most.* For example, depending on your skin type, the antioxidant tocotrienol in SeloNOX may be 40 to 60 times more bio-available than vitamin E (and we all know how beneficial vitamins are for the skin…). Just imagine: 40 to 60 times more protection from pollution; 40 to 60 times more protection from harsh weather conditions; 40 to 60 times more nourishment delivered to your skin (corneum stratum) in a single capsule that provides all-day protection!

SeloNOX is formulated with EVNol tocotrienols, a powerful, bio-available source of skin antioxidants.

SeloNOX is formulated with SPECTRA, a powerful, active blend that stimulates elevated levels of Nitric Oxide.

SeloNOX efficiently delivers all-day protection in a single capsule.

Use SeloNOX every day to protect and nourish your skin!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

SeloNOX Directions

  • 1 capsule per day or as recommended by a doctor. Use SeloNOX every day to protect and nourish your skin. Keep out of reach of children

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

SeloNOX Ingredients

  • Green Coffee Extract, Broccoli Sprout Concentrate, Green Tea Extract, Onion Extract, Apple Extract, Acerola Extract, Camu-Camu Concentrate, Quercetin, Tomato Concentrate, Broccoli Concentrate, Acai Concentrate, Turmeric Concentrate, Garlic Concentrate, Basil Concentrate, Oregano Concentrate, Cinnamon Concentrate, Elderberry Concentrate, Carrot Concentrate, Mangosteen Concentrate, Blackcurrant Extract, Blueberry Extract, Sweet Cherry Concentrate, Blackberry Concentrate, Chokeberry Concentrate, Raspberry Concentrate, Spinach Concentrate, Kale Concentrate, Bilberry Extract, Brussels Sprout Concentrate in Malaysian red palm oil